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Samaryum Cobalt magnets are sintered magnets composed of samaryum and cobalt powder. Colour hell grey. Density 8.2


Magnetic force is optimal when magnet is in contact with a mild steel frame, flat, clean and rather thick. It is lower with allied steels and cast iron (less 30% for cast iron).
 It is lower in the presence of an air gap (space between the part to magnetize and the polar face of the magnet).
 It is decreasing by 0.08% every degree C (see besides curve). This loss is reversible.


 The maximum value of induction in surface at 20°C is about 4000 Gauss for SmCo flat pot magnets and magnetic blocks.
 This value is decreasing by 0.04% every degree C when temperature is increasing. It is a reversible loss.


 These ceramics are very fragile. They must be handled carefully.

 Samaryum Cobalt magnets must not be put in the proximity of hydrogen and chlorine.

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Samaryum Cobalt magnets have a very high magnetic energy (BH Max).
 There are 2 major families : SmCo5 and Sm2Co17.
 The usual grade of our magnets is the most performing Sm2Co17 (max. 350°C working temperature).
Nuances Sm2Co17
Br Typique (T) 1.06
Hcb Typique (kA/m) 720
Hcj Typique (kA/m) 1650
BH max Typique (kl/m³) 195
350°C maximum

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